The Cougar… Phwroar!

Want to seduce an older woman but you don’t know how to? Well, it’s not difficult if you know certain techniques which could make any man good with mature women. True, seducing cougars can be tricky if you don’t know the exact tips and tricks. For example, Jonas, our resident bookshop manager here at Bricklane is notorious for dating only women who are older than him. Weird, but true. He has got some exquisite taste when it comes to women…

So what do you do if you happen to fall in love with a mature woman (or known as the cougar)? You can use the usual techniques that you read at or , but you will need to tweak them so that they work well for you. Read on to discover how to use the same seduction techniques to seduce mature women and achieve killer results with older women fast…

How To Seduce Older Women

First of all, never mention about age. Cougars like younger men, but they do not need to be reminded on how old they are! If you only need to know one thing about how to seduce an older woman and make her love you then this is it – never highlight the difference in age between you and her. Always remember that.

Secondly, remember that older women are hard-wired to respond to seduction techniques as much as younger women. The same female loophole techniques also work with older women or cougars! Be assured that the female psychology techniques that you use are also effective on older women. Therefore, learn as many dating and love techniques as you can as they can work with women of all ages – younger or older.

Finally, always take care of yourself. Hit the gym, and lose that ugly beer belly. Be well groomed and you will find women flocking to you. Dress up your bachelor pad to impress her. In particular, cougars seem to prefer well groomed men. With these seduction tactics, you will be able to find yourself a cougar girlfriend and make her love you for who you are, guaranteed. Good luck!

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